Small Gold Melting Machine

Small Gold Melting Furnace

Product Description: Backed by a diligent team of professional be are offering best quality of gold/ sliver Melting furnace which is a very useful for jewellery manufacture and owners because of the folloeing properties.
The furnace can be used be air conditionser showroom also due to its properties of known emission. of pollution smoke, smell & Heat.

  • Wastage gold and silver contant is zero percent.
  • Electricals expernses are very regionable.
  • There is no chattering no need to use suhaga.
  • Melting time of gold/sliver is very low
  • Working with this furnace is in pollution free atmosphere.
  • It is very, easy to use
  • Capacity:
  • Up to 500gm (gold/sliver can melt from 10gm 500gm) or as per customer requirements.
  • Accessories
  • Singal Peace if gold melting furnace.
  • A set of crucible (Kothali) having capacity of 500gm.
  • A mixing rod of graphite.
  • A heavy gauge tongue with easy handling grip for lifting cruicible.